Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Landish Battles the Samurai!

I met Landish two years ago at the Long Beach Comic Con. I was imediately taken by his original style and unique approach to art. His style lands somewhere between, graphitti, manga and Loony Tunes but yet he has a voice that can only be described as "pure Landish." Landish was kind enough to answer our questions and give us some insight into how he created his story for Samurai The Graphic Novel.

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Karl Altstaetter
Samurai The Graphic Novel

1.  In two sentences what is your STGN about?
It’s about love and hate. Well, almost all my drawings are about love and hate. Microbes War it’s a story about samurai who fights with someone who usual people can’t see, also he doing it so good so no one can’t see a real fight. That’s why it calls Microbes War. But something went wrong and all world collapsed in front of Samurai and fight turns in a war.
2.  Where did your STGN story come from? What were your trying to achieve with the art?
It’s story about my own life. It’s very hard to be an artist, so hard to be a true warrior. Nevermind how much pressure falling on you from our world you gotta go forward. Microbes War full of jokes and cartoon violence, so probably people will not take it too seriously.
But that’s the point: I telling go forward positive, stay positive and keep smile.   

3. What was your process for creating your story for STGN. Describe it step by step.
Well, first I got an idea. It was coming after I watched Afro Samurai. I really like animation street style in this movie. Also soundtrack was badass. But I needed a villians. That was hard. I didn’t want him to fight against people, I wanted something new. Something that will look like real people. Not vampires, not demons, not zombies, something that still wasn’t. New creatures that accidently appeared because of human mistakes. Radiation, smoke, too much cars on streets, junkfood. Like this appeared Microbes. Original microbe is a very small thing that you can’t see by eye and for sure you can’t kill it. And what is more dangerous when it lots of them it makes it even harder to destroy them. So this was perfect for villians. People, that looks like people, but they are not really people. Hhhhh=)
But what makes them villians? That was easy. I made them drink adrenaline from other people. Without adrenaline human can’t live.
Then I made script. I create biography of Samurai, he was one of the greatest samurai who was working on “Organisation” - corporation fights against microbes. There are small “ Organization” firms in all over the world. My story happens in Japan. He takes special pills that help him to recognize microbes among people and make no harm to normal humans. Also he got transvestite friend Chiba who driving a taxi cab from place to place. Microbes often appear in night-clubs areas, cause there are too much music, drugs, sex and of course adrenaline. Samurai (Joe) became a DJ.
Then I pencilled all pages and after that I colored them in Photoshop. Printed and here you go. Microbes War V.1 from Darktoons comics from Landish founder, writer, penciller, colorist, publisher, producer ha-ha-ha-ha =))))
This is Israel. Wanna live? Work hard.
4. In one word what best describes your style?
5.  How many years have you been creating art?
Wow. Since I was child. In 7 years I already knew that I will be comic artist. Between ages 12-17 ages I stoped and then get back. Well, I hope since that I will never stop creating art.
6.  What's your biggest influence artistically/story wise?
Mr. Skottie Young! The greatest!
Also Humberto Ramos, Francisco Herrera, Tara McPherson, Kukula, Greg Titus.
But Skottie have some kind of magic. He lives in his characters. Acting, feelings, designs of his character is something like theatre. By the way, because of his art I get back to comics. Well, thanks Skottie, hope some day I’ll see you.
Almost forgot. Music-music-music my big influence too.
7.  If you were a Samurai what part of Bushido (The Samurai code) best describes you. Pick two: loyalty, honor, obedience, duty, honoring your elders/ancestors, and self-sacrifice.
Honor. For sure it will be honor.
Self-sacrifice. Look at me, I am an ART SLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))
8.  The sword was the main weapon of the Samurai. What is your weapon of choice when it comes to art?
Pencils. With them I can work everywhere I want. No needs in electricity. Just me, pencils and papers.
9.   When you create an idea what's your first action? Write it out? Do layouts? Character designs?
Probably write it out. I see things all the time, but I have to sit and concetrate on something one to make it into art after. So I just writing some ideas here and there and then I mix ‘em up in one piece.
10.  What do you hope readers will get out of your story in Samurai?
Action in life. Start doing things!
11.  What are your latest projects or projects you are going to be working on in the future?
I will finish Microbes War series and then will start another comic. Also I working right now with one guy from USA on his project “Magic Panty 2” (1 I draw a while ago). It’s very fun and cool project and I have a lot of freedom to my creativity there. And I keep making all kind of comissions in Israel, USA, Russia, India. So I always open for work. I not hard person, you can tell me all about your crazy ideas and I will try to draw them. Feel free to connect with me!
Have a nice day, my Tiny Cannibals!

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