Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome Comic Market Retailers

If you are visiting Samurai The Graphic Novel blog from the #comicmarket group on Twitter welcome!

I've put together some information on Samurai The Graphic Novel along with some visuals for you to check out.

It's 64 full color pages and printed in a format similar to the Prestige format. The book is already printed is available immediately.

If you are interested in buying copies for your store at a wholesale price please contact me at Karl's Email

I will also include the name and address of your store on this blog as well as through my various social networking as a location where fans can find the comic locally.

For every 10 you buy I'll do a sketch version as an incentive.

The book has been covered on MTV Geek and I will be supporting it with two more issues as well as online advertising.

Samurai The Graphic Novel (Comic Book) combines cutting edge comic book artwork and
storytelling with the iconic idea of the Samurai!  Artists from around the globe have contributed stories to this one of a kind comic book experience. From the far future where android Samurai battle for their humanity to Samurai ghosts that long for revenge,
Samurai The Graphic Novel explores the endless possibilities of the Samurai
ideal and myth through the comic book art form!

With a special cover by fan favorite artist
Drew Johnson!
(Wonder Woman, Authority, DC)

Featuring work by:
Karl Altstaetter (Q-Unit, Bloodstrike, Deity, Me2),
Gerimi Burleigh (Eye of the Gods, Alien Racers),
Jamie Gambell (Omnitarium, The Hero Code),
Donna Letterese,
Dan Smith (Nacht Damen, Battle of the Bands),
Jesse Toves (Trouble, Guts and Noir),
Wayne Young
and Landish.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Karl Altstaetter Talks Samurai on MTV Geek

While at Wonder Con I did an interview with MTV Geek about Samurai!
You can check it out here: Karl/Samurai/MTV Geek Interview

You can also find Samurai The Graphic Novel for sale at: Samurai For Sale!

All the best,
Samurai The Graphic Novel

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sneak Peek Samurai 2-Marat Michaels

From working on Brigade in the golden era of Image Comics to working on the uber' hot Deadpool Corp Marat Michaels has shown his passion for creating comics and telling stories to a huge audience.

Marat has created a new story for Samurai The Graphic Novel book 2 and here is a quick interview about his process and a sneak peek at the pencils for his exciting story.

You can find more of his stunning artwork here:

To purchase your copy of Samurai The Graphic Novel Book #1 click here:
Samurai The Graphic Novel
Samurai /Poster Combo Pack

Samurai The Graphic Novel

When you are approaching a page, what creatively do you address first? Storytelling, mood, characters?

Personally storytelling and page flow are my #1 concerns. After that I try to make every page as visually stimulating as possible. Comics are a visual medium unfortunately I think a lot of creators tend to forget that. I believe a lot of mood can be set in lighting and colors no matter what shot is picked for any particular panel.

What do you think is the essence of your work? What do you want to people to takeaway from reading one of your stories.

Wow "the essence of my work" huh? Well I would have to say "cool" is what I always strive for. That feeling I get when I see a bad ass comic. The industry has never had more talented illustrators then we do now...but, their are very few awesome comic book artists...guys that leap of the page and capture your imagination are few and far between. That's what I always strive for and hope readers takeaway from my work.

In regards to your Samurai story where did you literally draw inspiration from?

I wanted to do something small but epic....I know that's an oxymoron but I think I sort off pulled it off. While the focus stays on one character the circumstances around him are epic.
I was kinda inspired by the movie Signs...where the movie took place inside of a small farm house but an alien invasion was taking place outside..."small but epic".

Your style has evolved so much over the years. Where do you want to take your style/work from here?

Well, I just got a Cintiq digital tablet, I want to start doing pages digitally from beginning to end so that alone will change my style somewhat. Also I've been itching to do a little bit of coloring lately. I don't particularly have a direction in mind, I believe a style should develop organically.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Samurai Artists For Japan

Like the rest of the world, the artists involved in Samurai The Graphic Novel were moved by the events taking place in Japan. As a group we have decided to donate the profits from the sales of Samurai The Graphic Novel until April 3rd to the Red Cross in support of the relief effort in Japan.

Samurai The Graphic Novel draws it's premise and influence from Japanese culture, history and it's people. In their time of need we feel it's the right thing to do to give back to the country and people who have given us so much creatively.

You can order both versions of Samurai The Graphic Novel

Samurai The Graphic Novel Regular Version


Here: Samurai The Graphic Novel Deluxe Version

I will be posting weekly donation amounts. Please be generous and help us make a difference.


Monday, January 24, 2011


In honor of the launch of Samurai The Graphic Novel I have decided to put on my marketing cap and really go all out with everything I have learned from watching the Home Shopping Network at 3am. I have the Sham Wow to prove it!...but seriously this is a cool offer!

For everyone that buys a copy of the book in the next three days
(starting at 11pm tonight 1/24/11)will get a one of kind sketch of the character of their choice drawn by me on their copy of Samurai for FREE!!!

Ever wanted to own a piece of original art? Now you can for free! STGN is already worth the $10 smacks but with a free sketch it's worth an additional $25! This also applies to the STGN combo pack.

Here are links to the Samurai The Graphic Novel buy page. Obviously this is limited so don't get left out!

Single issue:

Combo pack:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Samurai Launches at AACC

This past weekend the Samurai crew (Jamie Gambell, Donna Letterese, Dan Smith, Gerimi Burleigh and Karl Altstaetter)  attended the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and debuted Samurai The Graphic Novel for the first time! Fun was had by all and it was great seeing the reaction of the people who checked out the book. The overwhelming positive response focused on the diversity of the art and stories as well as Drew Johnson's amazing cover. Here are a few pics of the team and their set ups. Thanks to everyone who picked up STGN and for all the kind words.

Samurai The Graphic Novel is now in stock and you can get your copy here: Samurai for sale!

Karl Altstaetter
Samurai Spread

Dis be ma bouk!

Fuzzles love art!

Hey Kids! Comics!

Right in da kisser

Saturday, January 1, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Happy New Year everyone!

The winner of the Samurai The Graphic Novel Original art contest is...

Second Prize: A copy of Samurai The Graphic Novel

Richard Oh

First Prize: A piece of original art signed by me.

Matt Krupnick!

Guys please note me/msg me your addresses so I can send out your winnings ASAP.

Thanks to everyone for showing support for Samurai The Graphic Novel. The books will be in next week so if you've pre-ordered a book you are assured a copy. If you haven't ordered one yet don't miss out! You can order your copy here: Samurai-Pre-Order