Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Samurai Launches at AACC

This past weekend the Samurai crew (Jamie Gambell, Donna Letterese, Dan Smith, Gerimi Burleigh and Karl Altstaetter)  attended the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and debuted Samurai The Graphic Novel for the first time! Fun was had by all and it was great seeing the reaction of the people who checked out the book. The overwhelming positive response focused on the diversity of the art and stories as well as Drew Johnson's amazing cover. Here are a few pics of the team and their set ups. Thanks to everyone who picked up STGN and for all the kind words.

Samurai The Graphic Novel is now in stock and you can get your copy here: Samurai for sale!

Karl Altstaetter
Samurai Spread

Dis be ma bouk!

Fuzzles love art!

Hey Kids! Comics!

Right in da kisser

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  1. Awesome photos and great book!!

    -Mat N