Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stay frosty

A pin-up of Mariah and Ran from SAMURAI PETTING ZOO… my story in the upcoming Samurai: The Graphic Novel.

Feels good to do a finished piece. Haven't knocked one out in a few months. Also, it's interesting working in color again. I've been pretty focused on black & white/ Monochromatic work, trying to improve my sense of values. (tonal, not moral) I notice that I'm having a little more trouble working out color lately.

I had hoped that improving my tonal work would have the opposite effect, but it seems that I'm losing my sense of color. There's another piece I'm working on that's really killing me. I even had to ask for opinions… which I almost never do.

Ok, now to finish layouts for the damn story.

"Stay Frosty"


  1. Wow... this looks awesome. I don't think you have any problems with color, whatsoever. The palette looks perfect for what I think is the tone for your story. Can't wait to see more. Color theory is something I haven't given serious thought yet, but I think its a personal thing that is hard to be too technical about (even if there is a whole discipline behind it). Kudos, my friend!

  2. I'm told some people have a sense of color, while others (mostly male) haven't. You clearly have that sense, as anyone can see. Can't wait to see the finished work!

  3. Hey guys, thanks a lot! I appreciate the color encouragement. Who, knows… maybe I'm just in touch with my feminine side.

    Which is funny, because the tone I was going for with Mariah is a tomboy who's not afraid of pink (or fuchsia in this case)

    Maybe she's in touch w/ her masculine side